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Cards Against Humanity


Cards Against Humanity

Product Details

  • 550 cards (460 White cards and 90 Black cards)
  • Over 13 duodecillion possible rounds (10^40) with 6 players
  • Professionally printed on premium playing cards
  • Includes game rules and alternate rules
  • shrink-wrapped in a custom box
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 4.1 x 2.7 inches ; 2.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 3 pounds
  • Origin: Made proudly in USA
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 17 years and up


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This is it–the uber-fun and incredibly addictive game that everyone is talking about this year–and playing! Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people, and you can be sure that it is quite different and unlike any other party game you have ever played before. Ever!  Why is it so different? 

Well to put it simply, the Cards Against Humanity game is as despicable and awkward as you and your friends. It’s politically incorrect and irreverent, and that’s what makes this game so utterly addictive, and fun! Cards Against Humanity game is simple to understand and simple to play.  It’s the ideal game for parties and small group gatherings and guaranteed to provide loads of fun.

For each round, one player asks a question from a Black Card, and everyone else answers with their funniest White Card. What ensues next is…well you really need to see for yourself. Don’t wait any longer and order this amazingly addictive and strangely fun card game today!

Cards Against Humanity, First Expansion

Cards Against Humanity, Second Expansion

Card Against Humanity 1st Expansion

  Card Against Humanity 2nd Expansion
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Cards Against Humanity, Third Expansion

Cards Against Humanity, Fourth Expansion

Card Against Humanity 3rd Expansion

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Card Against Humanity 4th Expansion

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Cards Against Humanity is easily one of the most entertaining adult party games in recent memory. Think Apples to Apples, but less “family-friendly.” Gone are the boring comparisons that made Apples to Apples (and the sequel Sour Apples) fun but dull. Instead, Cards Against Humanity pulls out all the stops and is filled with very adult (and completely politically incorrect and often simply hilarious) cards.

If you’re not familiar with Apples to Apples, here’s how the game works: Players take turns being the “Chairman” and draw one black card that has a statement on it (Example: “Before I kill you Mr. Bond, I must show you ______________.”The other players in the game then take turns playing one white card (they keep 10 in their hand at all times) that they think best completes the phrase. The chairman picks their favorite, and the player that played that card receives one point. Game play continues and the first player with five points wins.

Now, as I mentioned, Cards Against Humanity is, well, politically incorrect. A few examples of the content of the cards are: “Jews,” “Adderall,” and “Balls.” (Those are some of the more tame answers –to make it better there are even blank cards included so you can add your own responses.)

Four expansion packs add additional white and black cards to the original deck. If you’ve gone through the entire original set, or just need to add more offense to your game, the expansion cards are a must. The cards are printed on standard playing cards and are good quality and perfect for the game.


What People are Saying about Cards Against Humanity:

“Pretty amazing.” – The Onion AV Club ”

An incredible game.” – Mike “Gabe” Krahulik, Penny Arcade

“Uncontrollable laughter.” – Kill Screen Magazine

“The game your party deserves.” – Thrillist

“A game.” – The Daily Beast.

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